Each of us has a dream: to have our own cozy country house, which will fit all the sides of character, temper and lifestyle. The modern world forces people to be closer to nature and that’s why urban residents of Kyiv are increasingly ordering the “construction of single-family homes on a turnkey basis” service. Having your own private home is not just an indicator of your status and your own style, but also an excellent investment in the future of the family. The construction of brick single-family homes is a very complex and time-consuming process, which involves many consecutive stages. For a person who does not have a clue about construction, it is difficult to build a house and develop a project. Therefore, it is common practice to apply to special companies shouldering all the repair troubles.

What are special aspects of building a house?

The inhabitants of the city notice the shortcomings of the metropolis, so they begin thinking to change the place of residence to a more favorable one. It’s so wonderful to be the owner of a personal island of coziness, which will protect against the stresses and routine of a big city. The correct arrangement of rooms and the wise use of energy resources are those nuances that must be taken into account before pouring concrete for a foundation. That’s why the work begins with the development of the project.

Our company develops projects for the construction of single-family homes taking into account:

  • locale, surroundings;
  • the number of people living;
  • the lifestyle of the owners;
  • budget;
  • individual design or typical project.

Works on the construction of single-family homes are conducted strictly in accordance with the current regulatory documentation and construction standards.

If you need a single-family home on a turnkey basis, please contact our company.

Although the cost of building a single-family home significantly exceeds the cost of the purchase of an apartment, the advantages of owning a house justify the cost.

Advantages of working with us.
We offer the construction of elite single-family homes made out of bricks or other building materials at your choice.

Working with our company, the customer gets a number of advantages:

  • Consultation with specialists and help in choosing the best option;
  • Ability to choose a standard design, or develop your own individual project;
  • Having extensive experience, we will perfectly cope with any volume of work and level of its complexity. We know all the nuances of the construction industry;
  • We use advanced technologies so it is possible to speed up the construction process;
  • Every employee of the company has a high level of professionalism, so the construction work is carried out at a high level.
  • Be sure, we will present you what you’ve been dreaming of for so long! The construction of single-family homes with AB Center will not cost a lot and will be carried out within a clearly defined terms, stipulated in the contract.

    We will erect monolithic or frame modern country houses, which will forever change your life for the better! Remember, the more details you give us describing your wishes, the faster and easier the employees of the company will draw up a contract and start working.


    Complex approach to design and construction using the latest scientific research and innovative solutions.

    Providing the entire list of services, from design to turn-key construction, including post-warranty maintenance.

    3 priorities in the organization of the workflow:

    • 100% hit on time;
    • 100% adherence to the budget framework;
    • 100% quality indicators in accordance with construction standards.

    Quality for reasonable money:

    • Project documentation, accompanied by the author's supervision of the chief architect of the project;
    • Building materials only from trusted suppliers;
    • Highly qualified specialists working in compliance with all building codes and regulations;
    • Culture of work execution - cleanliness and orderliness of the facility at all stages of construction.
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