Construction of houses on a turnkey basis is a complex and long process, which definitely requires the presence of deep knowledge, high professionalism and skills. Despite all the complexity and large investments in construction, more and more people are determent to get such a service with the help of specialized and successful companies.

Special aspects of this work

The main advantage of using of such a service is the probability that the client will receive certain benefits. Having decided to build a house on a turnkey basis with our company AB Center, you will be provided with a competent and qualified approach to all stages of the project.

The construction of a private house is carried out in a certain order:

  • Advising at all stages
  • Competent development of a typical or individual design
  • Calculation of materials costs (we purchase all materials ourselves, the necessary equipment is provided to the construction site with the help of our own trucks)
  • Site preparation
  • Raising a solid foundation
  • Construction
  • Finishing and repair works.

Each of these processes must be conducted in strict order. All of them will be considered completed only when the customer accepts them.

The advantages of a house in Kyiv on a turnkey basis

Thousands of people order the construction of a country house on a turnkey basis, which is characterized by obvious advantages. The process is implemented with the use of innovative equipment, technologies and tools.

During construction, the customer does not make efforts, all that is necessary for him to do is to decide on the design and finishing materials. The chosen construction company will shoulder all of the worries and problems. If your goal is to get a unique design of the house, contact our company and you won’t regret your decision!

Turning to us, you’ll get the following advantages:

  • Saving efforts and precious time.
  • Qualified masters perform construction; this ensures the best quality of the work performed.
  • The client supervises the conduct of construction and installation work at any stage.
  • We raise the houses within a predetermined time, which is confirmed by the signing of the contract.
  • We have many projects of different levels of complexity behind our shoulders, so do not doubt our abilities! The construction of private houses is carried out at different prices, depending on the clauses of the contract.

After the contract has been formally concluded, the workers proceed directly to work. The contract should describe in detail:

  • technical issues;
  • deadlines;
  • payment order;

Investing in your future home is an investment in the future of your family. Brick house on a turnkey basis on an individual project will bring out the sophisticated taste of the owners and will confirm their high status. You get a dream house ready to move in, for a minimum of time and at favorable rates.

ny, and we guarantee that the cooperation will bring mutual benefit.


Complex approach to design and construction using the latest scientific research and innovative solutions.

Providing the entire list of services, from design to turn-key construction, including post-warranty maintenance.

3 priorities in the organization of the workflow:

  • 100% hit on time;
  • 100% adherence to the budget framework;
  • 100% quality indicators in accordance with construction standards.

Quality for reasonable money:

  • Project documentation, accompanied by the author's supervision of the chief architect of the project;
  • Building materials only from trusted suppliers;
  • Highly qualified specialists working in compliance with all building codes and regulations;
  • Culture of work execution - cleanliness and orderliness of the facility at all stages of construction.
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    Я хотел построить свой дом – удобный коттедж, чтобы там могли жить всей семьей. Пока дети маленькие – им нужна площадка на природе, удобные комнаты для сна и игры. Очень помогли мне проектировщики в Architect Building Center – они предложили отличную планировку. И мы заключили договор на строительство, потому что я увидел серьезный подход к работе. Я доволен стройкой и домом – все надежно, прочно, красиво.

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