Foundation design

A foundation is an important constructive part of each bearing structure. In residential, industrial and civil construction it is the key direction of designing the foundation of a building and underground construction.

Note that a third of the total financial costs in the construction of buildings is foundation works. In order not to overpay, it is necessary to calculate the foundation under the house correctly. Qualified employees of our company have experience in the field of designing the foundations of premises of any level of complexity; therefore, they will make the calculation as accurately and correctly as possible.

We guarantee efficient work and we will deliver it in the originally set deadlines. The project, executed by our best employees, will meet all the requirements stated in the documents.

Features & Types

Based on the received data, our designers perform the collection of the necessary loads from the ground part of the building and select the optimal structural scheme. The underground part of the building includes the joint work of the footing and foundation. To calculate the cubature, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the ground base and calculate the area of ​​base.

Based on the result of calculations and structural schemes of the building, the following types of foundations are used:

  • Girder
  • Piled
  • Post
  • Ground slab
  • Other

The design of footings and foundations is implementing by a separate project or within a whole complex of erection of a structure. The project of girder or any other type of foundation is produced under the trademarks of КП or КЖ, sometimes it is a part of the AC section. Having done the calculations and learned the exact number of required cubic meters of concrete and the cost of metal structures, we can calculate the investments and find out the price of the foundation of the house.

Initial data for the design

At the beginning of the design work, the client shall provide the following job package:

  • Engineering and geological condition of the construction site;
  • Climatic conditions and humidity level of the defined area of ​​construction;
  • Architectural plan and section drawing;
  • Information on the structural and technological features of the structure, the circumstances of operation;
  • List of loads;
  • Preferences and requests of the client.

To calculate the load on the foundation and the amount of concrete correctly, contact our employees, who will perform everything accurately and reasonably.

Calculation of the foundation for the house is a complex and responsible process that our company is ready to take on! For fast and high-quality execution of the required project, we use software systems.

What advantages do we offer?

  • Efficiency of implementation;
  • The staff of worthy employees who will not let you down;
  • More than 17 years of experience;
  • Implementation of the project of any level of complexity;
  • Advise.

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Complex approach to design and construction using the latest scientific research and innovative solutions.

Providing the entire list of services, from design to turn-key construction, including post-warranty maintenance.

3 priorities in the organization of the workflow:

  • 100% hit on time;
  • 100% adherence to the budget framework;
  • 100% quality indicators in accordance with construction standards.

Quality for reasonable money:

  • Project documentation, accompanied by the author's supervision of the chief architect of the project;
  • Building materials only from trusted suppliers;
  • Highly qualified specialists working in compliance with all building codes and regulations;
  • Culture of work execution - cleanliness and orderliness of the facility at all stages of construction.
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