Designing of heating systems!

Every house should be beautiful, presentable, comfortable and warm. The last one depends on the selected heating system.

To create a quality heating system in the house, contact a reliable and popular company that has gained the trust and respect of modern consumers.

Designing private home heating is a laborious and serious process; it shall be entrusted only the skilled contractors.

Our company: advantages

We start from the foundation of the draft estimates, take into account the features of the buildings. A common type of calculating the heating design of a single-family home is the selection of pipes of a suitable diameter, the calculation of the best power for the equipment used.

We carry out an analysis of external and internal factors that can greatly affect the entire system.

We solve such a complex problem with the help of the following steps:

  • We create a system of premises with the indication of pipelines, heating appliances and boiler.
  • We calculate the required characteristics of heat supply, providing for the creation of a system of forced ventilation for the highest degree of safety.
  • Determine the level of heat loss of the house.

Having received the necessary data, we design and install the heating of the country house, select optimal diameter pipes, calculate the heat output of the radiators.

By contacting us, you will be able to evaluate the following benefits yourself:

  • We are ready to offer advantageous variants of the design, suitable from the point of view of the comfort level and the price;
  • Personal approach to each customer, since each case is different;
  • Loyal price policy;
  • Approval of the documentation in the relevant authorities;
  • Employees have high level of qualification and experience;
  • 100% quality;
  • Support at each stage.

Each type of heating has unique properties and characteristics. Designing and installation of heating is a service that we will provide qualitatively and promptly.

Entrust the creation of heating design of our famous company and get a warm and comfortable home! Order the service with one phone call, and the manager will answer all your questions and provide additional information.

Our company – fast, profitable, reliable and high quality!


Complex approach to design and construction using the latest scientific research and innovative solutions.

Providing the entire list of services, from design to turn-key construction, including post-warranty maintenance.

3 priorities in the organization of the workflow:

  • 100% hit on time;
  • 100% adherence to the budget framework;
  • 100% quality indicators in accordance with construction standards.

Quality for reasonable money:

  • Project documentation, accompanied by the author's supervision of the chief architect of the project;
  • Building materials only from trusted suppliers;
  • Highly qualified specialists working in compliance with all building codes and regulations;
  • Culture of work execution - cleanliness and orderliness of the facility at all stages of construction.
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    Разработку проекта и монтаж систем отопления в нашем доме, по рекомендации друзей, мы доверили специалистам компании Architect Building Center. Несмотря на то что нам нужно было делать индивидуальный проект, ребята справились на “отлично”, и учли все наши пожелания (а их было не мало). После первого визита специалиста к нам, уже была составлена предварительная смета, и мы знали на что рассчитывать, затем все работы провели достаточно быстро. В общем мы всецело довольны услугами этой компании.

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