A private house is the dream of any person! Clean air, peace and quiet, a site with flower beds and fruit trees – it’s simply impossible to get in a multi-storey building in the urban area. Make the house a cozy and comfortable place to realize dreams and plans for equipping and equipping is a difficult task.
Repair of houses on a turn-key basis is a complex, specific process that requires the necessary skills and qualifications from those who do it. The work on the reconstruction of the old house is very different from the overhaul of the apartment. Possessing extensive experience and excellent recommendations, we offer services in this field. Our moderate prices and the quality of the work have been estimated by hundreds of residents of the capital and the nearest districts.


Our experience includes three types of work on this profile. Each overhaul is complex and costly, for example:

  • Cosmetic. Performed in the case of a satisfactory state of the object. Only decoration of premises is made. Terms of work are minimal.
  • The capital. Includes the preservation of the overall appearance of the house with full or partial replacement of electrical, sewer and heating equipment. In addition, work can be done to change the external walls and roof. Plus obligatory finishing works. The cost is higher than the cost of cosmetic.
  • Reconstruction of a private house. This is both a capital and cosmetic repair plus the addition of new or complete reconstruction of old premises. As a result of the reconstruction, the exterior and interior view of the house changes and turns the old housing into a brand new house. Reconstruction is an expensive kind of construction and finishing works. Requires a high level of skill from the workers and the application of the latest technology.
  • Whatever one may say, the repair work of a private house is what most people need. Sometimes, there comes such a moment, and you realize that there is nowhere to pull, you need to change something in life. Having made original repairs, life seems to be the best, the person becomes more confident. Why wait until this moment comes, change your life for the better now.
    Our company will make a modern renovation of the house, which will satisfy and give an opportunity to feel happy and calm.
    Whatever kind of work ordered: small repairs of a country house or a large-scale wooden one – we will do everything possible to get the desired result in the shortest possible time. Our company works only with high-quality and reliable brand building materials.
    Capital repair of an apartment building is a whole construction science that hides hundreds of nuances. Masters have professionalism and experience, the team is regularly improved and performs complex projects.

    10 reasons to work with our company:

    1. we perform work within the agreed timeframe;
    2. workers are masters of their business, therefore each stage is conducted with full observance of the necessary rules and technologies;
    3. we use only environmentally friendly and safe materials;
    4. we provide a guarantee;
    5. we deliver building and finishing materials;
    6. We will make an order of any difficulty;
    7. We offer favorable prices for a wide range of consumers;
    8. we listen to opinion, recommendations of customers;

    For a house overhaul, the dates depend on the complexity and volume of the service. Have you decided to start transforming housing? Apply to our company!


    Complex approach to design and construction using the latest scientific research and innovative solutions.

    Providing the entire list of services, from design to turn-key construction, including post-warranty maintenance.

    3 priorities in the organization of the workflow:

    • 100% hit on time;
    • 100% adherence to the budget framework;
    • 100% quality indicators in accordance with construction standards.

    Quality for reasonable money:

    • Project documentation, accompanied by the author's supervision of the chief architect of the project;
    • Building materials only from trusted suppliers;
    • Highly qualified specialists working in compliance with all building codes and regulations;
    • Culture of work execution - cleanliness and orderliness of the facility at all stages of construction.
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      Мы решили обновить свой дом, чтобы поменять все коммуникации и сделать современный дизайн. Долго выбирали подрядчиков – мастеров и бригады. Но если искать несколько человек – то каждый будет отвечать только за свою работу, а за весь ремонт дома – никто. Поэтому выбрали компанию, которая сделает все – от прокладки труб до отделки. Уже переехали в новый дом – и очень довольны!

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